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“this is the hardest work I’ve ever done in my life”: a Haiti recap video

Tonight was the first One28 large group meeting since the Haiti trip, and they showed a recap video for everybody. It was fun to watch tonight as the students from the trip reconnected with each other. It’s very clear that friendships were both formed and strengthened by the awesome adventure.

(Some people still seem a little worn out, too! It’s not easy to jump back into school after an 8-day trip…)

YouTube won’t let us upload the video (because of the copyrighted background music), but you CAN watch it directly on YouTube: Just click here.

on the plane to DFW!

We are on the plane and headed back to Dallas! See you soon! -Patrick Blocker

(This should be American Flight 831, scheduled to land at 5:20PM. You can check flight status at American’s site here.)

in the US – and Ashley’s awesome report

The team landed in Ft Lauderdale and was headed for Customs about an hour ago. Our students are currently fantasizing about the American fast food they will consume when we get to the terminal. In one student’s words, “I crave grease!”

ashley’s report

Ashley Bonnin, a Third Year student at SMU and Psychology Major, had a unique experience in Haiti – and she was willing to share it with all of us! Here’s her testimony:

We always hear that everything happens for a reason, and Romans tells us that all of our experiences work for the good of those who love the Lord. One particular experience on this trip reminded me of how God uses tragedy to encourage others.

When I was 8 years old, I was in a train wreck that left my right foot amputated. I have had a prosthesis for 12 years and have always been able to run, play sports, and do pretty much anything I set my mind to. I never realized how blessed I was until I met the women of 3 Cords.

3 Cords is an organization at Mission of Hope where women who had limbs amputated as a result of the earthquake sew headbands and purses to make money for their families.

On Friday, I got to visit with these women an share my story with them. They had never seen an amputee victim run, so they asked me if I could demonstrate. As soon as I took off, they were gasping and taking pictures – they were so shocked that I was able to run without pain and that my leg has in no way hindered my quality of life. I didn’t know this until I came to Haiti, but amputees in this country are considered hopeless because Haiti didn’t have any prosthetic labs until after the earthquake last year.

Thanks to the doctors at MOH, these women and many of their children who lost limbs have hope to live a normal life.

I’m writing this story not to gain praise for being an encouragement to these victims, but to remind you of how God can turn even the most tragic circumstances into a blessing for those who have experienced the same thing. I had no idea that MOH had a prosthetics lab before I came – and it was almost 12 years to the day of my accident that I got to share the Lord’s work in my life with the 3 Cords women. I pray that they will continue to trust in His perfect plan and that the Lord will continue to use my story to bless others.

Please pray for the women and their ministry, and check out their stories at

early airport update

As of 6:45am: The team is at the airport in Haiti. It was a early morning, but we are all in line in the American Airlines counter!

Here is the story of the chicken debacle in Cabin 14.

Here is the story of the chicken debacle in Cabin 14.

We’ve had a nightly visitor, and she is a chicken.

A pregnant chicken.

Pregnant daily.

She likes to nest underneath my bed and lay her eggs right by my head. While searching for a missing flipflop last night, the bulb of a flashlight illuminated a feathery, likely-diseased, nasty bird blinking at me from the darkness.

After this discovery, screaming ensued, and I ran to the men in our group – hoping that they knew how to reprimand such outrageous behavior by an outdoor chicken.

A machete was present. It was almost used. Key word: “almost.”

Austin Prentice captured the foul beast with a towel, while I hid in complete fright in the bathroom. The chicken was escorted outside by heavily armed men.

Fast-forward to 5am. Said chicken broke into Cabin 14, making a beeline for my bed. Jordan Jennings was somehow able to grab hold of the unruly poultry with her bare hands. All was well in the world once more.

Fast-forward to 5pm, same day. While drying off from a day at the beach, said chicken was rediscovered in Cabin 14. On. My. Pillow. I’m assuming there are eggs underneath (I haven’t looked), but I will be relocating to Cabin 15, because the chicken is clearly determined to claim my bed as hers.

Drama. Conflict. Ugh. If I have bird flu we will know why. Any names for the bird are welcome in the comments section.

Julia “Biebigs” Biebighauser

“it’s a little salty”

One of our translators gave us the opportunity to eat fresh conch from the ocean. He went snorkeling and found a bunch of shells, and then he cracked them open.

A couple of students had the guts to try them. Video below.

return flight info for Sunday

We are leaving at 6am from Mission of Hope for a 8:50am flight.

We’ll land at Ft. Lauderdale and then fly out to DFW. The final flight into DFW is American Flight 831, scheduled to land at 5:20PM.

You should be able to check on the flight tomorrow at American’s site here.